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“Vagina Steaming, Have you? Would You”?

Vagina Steaming isn’t new; this deeply healing experience dating back to ancient civilizations has been a source of feminine wisdom and health for centuries. Steaming your vagina is not only a beautifully sacred way to relax, but a healing holistic feminine self-care practice which supports healthy feminine Ph balance, gently cleanses the female reproductive system,…

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What is a Doula

Watermarked Krysthol Davis Photography

A Doula is a non-medical birth professional providing physical, emotional, and sometimes even spiritual -support for mother’s, as well as their partner and family, through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.  Doula’s may assist clients during their pregnancy in preparing for birth both physically and emotionally, creating a birth plan, and as a source of unbiased information…

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Take My Hand.

Imagine yourself in a bootcamp style obstacle course training. You are pushing through an extreme physical and mental challenge; breathing hard, your body firing at max capacity… Giving it all you’ve got. You begin to approach the climbing wall; those ahead of you throw themselves against it and wrestle their bodies up and over, landing…

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